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Play-Along Songs Volume 1
Book & CD


Play-Along Songs Volume 2
Book & CD


Play-Along Songs Volume 3
Book & CD

Play-Along Songs music books for kids contain a wide variety of new and traditional kids songs for hours of sing-along fun. The kid’s songs in each book also offer music activities including actions, American Sign Language, ASL, and creative language explorations.

We’re more than just another
kid’s music book!!!!


Play-Along Songs music books for kids provide everything needed to make anyone successful with using kids songs, with or without any musical background or experience.  All our kids’ songs are supported by:

  • Sheet music with guitar chords and melody lines
  • A kid’s song CD is included with every children’s music book
  • Instruction on how to teach and present each of our kid’s songs.
  • Clear photographs for each action in each kids songs
  • FREE ONLINE KIDS SONG SUPPORT including video demonstrations and additional instruction
  • FREE kids song lesson plan downloads

Play-Along Songs music books for kids and the sing-along kids songs are also move-along kid’s action songs.  They feature fine and gross body movements, dance, and American Sign Language, ASL kid’s songs. Watch this demonstration and see how fun and easy it is.  


Enjoy demonstration of one
of our great kid’s songs


Five Little Monkeys from
Play-Along Songs Volume 2

TV Five Little Monkeys


All our Kids Songs offer many benefits to kids. Our kid’s music books are a way to bring these benefits to kids from birth through elementary school.  Kid songs benefits include:

  • Strengthens memory and recall
  • Improves listening skills
  • Increases language skills
  • Enhances fine and gross motor skill development
  • Cultivates an appreciation for music

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